Friday, September 11, 2009

Poliahu and Pele -- Hawaiian Goddesses and Rivals

Poliahu and Pele, as many traditional Hawaiian stories will claim, are true rivals. Pele rules the Volcano and Poliahu, the goddess of the snow, rules Mauna Kea. According to legend, Poliahu was challenged to a sled race by a stranger. After beating her down the hill twice, the stranger revealed herself as Pele and opened up lava streams in her sled's path. Angered and dismayed, Poliahu ran to the top of Mauna Kea to collect her thoughts. She threw snow and ice to freeze the lava flow, to protect her mountain, banishing the lava to the southern most part of the Big Island. To this day Pele is said to rule both Kiluea and Mauna Loa but has to submit to Poliahu's rule in the northern portion of the island, including Mauna Kea and the Hamakua Coast.

This beautiful and powerful myth inspired me to paint thangkas of both Hawaiian goddesses. Each painting is approximately 15 ft. tall, my way of honoring the goddesses that have had such a large impact on our beautiful island. Both thangkas are available for purchase, please inquire for more information. If you would like to commission a thangka of a specific god or goddess, I would be happy to hear your ideas and work with you.

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