Tuesday, September 8, 2009

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This has been a busy month for me in the press. Two articles have recently been published, the first in At Home magazine detailing the process of turning two of my original works into an etched glass double door, by the late Gary Wagner, and a Nepalese hand-woven rug through the Indich Collection. The article is titled "Art of the Rug - Local Artist Designs Rug for Indich Collection."

The second publication, クロワッサン, or "Croissant", is a popular Japanese magazine focused on cooking, healthy lifestyle and staying young. The article details the lifestyle we have created at Ginger Hill Farm. I am constantly working with young women from Japan to help to modify or enhance their organic lifestyle and dietary habits. We work with mother earth, harvesting our own vegetables and herbs for the day's meal. Most women who visit participate in my morning meditation and yoga, as well as my intense Hula training with Kumu Keala Ching. This article, for those of you who do not speak Japanese, takes a very close look at a typical day on my farm. Feel free to look through the images of both magazines and if you have any questions or would like a copy of either article, please let me know.

今月はマスコミに登場する機会が多く、忙しい月を迎えています。雑誌に記事がいくつか載りました。ウエスト・ハワイ紙の「At Home」には、私のオリジナル作品2点がデザインとして、故ゲリー・ワグナー氏による磨りガラスを使った両開きドアに仕上げられたこと、そしてハワイアン・ラグ・メーカーのインディッチ・コレクション社から「ディスカバリング・ゼロ」という作品がネパール製手織り絨毯になったことが書かれています。 




With Warm Aloha and A Hui Hou,

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